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Get in line for Memoto

024th Oct 2012Blog, Integrity, ,

Yesterday, a Swedish startup company named Memoto, started their pledge for US$ 50,000 on Kikstarter, to get their lifelogging device, the Memoto camera into the production phase. It took them five hours to reach their goal, and within the first 36 hours of their Kickstarter campaign, they gathered over 1,000 backers, and over US$ 200,000.

About the Google Drive security “hole”

024th Oct 2012Blog, Integrity,

I’ve just blogged in Swedish about the security hole in the Mac OS X and Windows desktop clients for Google’s Drive file storage and synchronisation service. The H Security reported an open a backdoor to users’ Google accounts which could allow the curious to access the full Google account of a user, provided that the curious person has actual physical access to a computer that has the desktop client installed.